10 things our kids will never understand…

limewire lmao I forgot that was a thing woww. my memory

Fucking Limewire.

All of this!

MAN this takes me back

You know seven through nine are still things. Plenty of bands still sell CDs that still contain lyrics booklets, MTV still plays music videos and has music related content, and while VHS is no longer a format widely sold, plenty of movies have yet to be transferred from tapes to DVDs and lots of folks still own and watch video copies of movies, myself included actually



the one thing that has stuck with me every day since my English teacher told me it in middle school is:

"When referring to someone, always say who they are before anything else about them, because being a person always comes first"

Instead of saying “the mentally ill man,” say “the man with a mental illness”

Putting someone’s characteristics (especially negative ones) before them is dehumanizing and rude. Don’t do it.




Rap Critic’s commentary on “Same Love” though.

Thank you Rap Critic for saying what I am about to say but far better.

This is the absolute last time ( I hope) I will say this but if you take offense at a Pro Gay Rights song and find it exploitive to the LGBT community…